For decades, Converse have been a vehicle for its wearers to tell a story, reflect their personal identity and celebrate their cause. This spring, Converse female footwear designers crafted a collection “Love the Progress” inspired by the power of love, unity and community.
This collection inspired latest “All The Stories Are True” campaign – which offered females from around the world the chance to define the gender in their own words. In the search, Converse uncovered incredible stories of girls of all ages who are carving their own path. They are defining what it means to be a girl in their own terms, and in doing so, inspiring others along the way.
Learn more about the females and their stories here:

The “Love The Progress” collection was inspired by women of the past and the present moving the needle for the next generation. It is an edgy, yet feminine collection that uses graphic prints, written messages and meaningful colorways to encourage women to define themselves on their own terms.
The collection and its tagline “Keep Loving, Keep Fighting,” is a belief that through loving one another and continuing to fight for equality, love will prosper over fear.